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Battleborn Review

An unfortunate and unappreciated game, born at the wrong moment and compared with the wrong games is what I would describe Battleborn. Before I start this review, I will mention 2 things:

1) If you like simple games, u won’t like Battleborn
2) if you like complex games, u may like Battleborn
EDIT: Not saying simple is bad. It all comes down to preferences.

You can still read this review if you’ve chosen nr.1 ofcourse. So let me start it now.

The positives:

– This game has a COOP story mode and PvP modes:
I personally like this, because you will have the choice to switch between brainless shooting AI’s or go into a more competitive PvP mode. Sometimes, you want to do something brainless and sometimes you want to play competitively. In Battleborn, you have the option to do both, depending on the mood you are in.
EDIT: This isn’t special at all, but some people think this is Pvp-only like alot of similiar games these days.

Negative: Story isn’t really impressive, so this can be a negative for people who really likes story modes for the great story telling. Battleborn is a Pvp focussed game.

– Personalize your own hero:
This is something I like. I like the option to make your own hero more unique to how you play it yourself. I won’t go into too much detail, because you can write an essay about this. The game has a lvl-ing system similiar towards a MOBA. You level your hero during the match by killing mobs, building support/healing items or offensive turrets, killing other heroes or assisting heroes and it will reset when you start a new game. The reason why I like this is because you can accustom your hero to how you play or to how your opponents play.
You also have a loadout slot, which makes your hero even more personal. You equip 3 items earned from loot crates or the story missions and activate it by spending currencies you recieves during the match by breaking crystals or killing the enemies. A higher/stronger gear will cost more compared to a low tier gear, meaning you need to grind more currencies to activate it. So it’s up to you to play slow at the start to gather currencies, pay less attention to the currencies and focus more on pushing the enemies or doing both.

– It’s not just killing opponet’s heroes:
Beside killing opponents heroes, building support/healing/offensive items/weapons, recruiting mercenary, supporting heroes and preventing the enemies to have an high economy is also really important. Meaning, it’s a complex game, because you need to focus on alot of things beside killing things, hence the next point is really important.

– Teamplay is really important in this game:
Each heroes has their own specialty like: Attacker, defender, supporter and healer. So it’s pretty important to pick the hero you’re going to play this game, because you can’t change your character during the game. This mean, if you pick an Attacker, you will always be an attacker. Hence the teamplay and communication is really important in this game. Also, beside the main rolls of each hero, it’s also smart to have sub rolls like preventing enemies to get high economy, building alot of support/healing items or weapons, recruiting mercs. This is something I really enjoy, since I like these kind of games where you need to be tacticall.

– Decent/long longevity(depending how you play and how much play the game):
This will be short, since it’s pretty basic but good. You unlock different loots, skins, taunts, lores and heroes as you keep playing overall, with certain heroes or finishing certain challenges.

– The support is great in this game:
The developers behind this game works pretty fast compared to the other games games. A new hero is already playable yesterday with the next hero already being revealed. Also, they fixxed the map pretty fast when people had unfair advantages.

– There aren’t alot of interesting PvP modes in my opinion. I will just list the 3 modes and you can decide which sounds interesting and which not. I will only list my favorite to keep it short.
You will get 3 Pvp-modes in the game.
1) Incursion: This is personally my favorite mode. Your objective is to take down the 2 sentries from the opponents while also defending your own 2 sentries. Alot of things happens in this mode and teamplay is really important here.
2) Meltdown: Your objective is to escort your minions to their objective, while preventing the minions of the enemies to reach their objective.
3) Capture: This is basicly the capture and control modes alot of games has.